Manuel Ria  

Manuel Ria is a singer/songwriter on both the keys and strings from Mannheim, Germany. Originally brought to music through a serious brussel sprout trauma, he sought ways through various genres to express his experiences ever since. In the following years he managed to free himself from the vegetable subject. Today his major influences are rock, pop, and folk, however many more forms of music inspire him.

Manuel´s music is characterized by polyphonic singing and melodic instrumental playing, particularly folksy fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar and jazzy pop harmonies on the piano. This framework is enriched by trips to other genres. Among others, distorted electric guitars in straight Rock n' Roll riffs, Hammond organs, bluesy electric pianos and even Latin rhythms can be heard. That way Manuel creates quiet, introverted moments as well as driving, extroverted parts. Often this diversity shows within a song when solemn melodic pop sounds get decamped by unexpected rough elements.

Many of his songs originated from his experiences in the United States, Cuba and Colombia. Manuel´s lyrics, sung in English and German, often deal with themes associated with traveling such as wanderlust, homesickness, and other longings. In particular, the musical impressions of southern United States have left marks in text and sound. He specifically uses unusual instruments, such as the cigar box guitar or the Hawaiian guitar.

Manuel Ria actively involves the audience in his performances. This thrilling interaction has developed during his many years of stage experience. Originally based in Rock and Indie- band projects, he started performing as a Singer/Songwriter in 2013. In 2016 he released his self-titled debut album and completes his live sound with a band.